Black Chalk WIne

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The Story so far

In 2009 a member of our family left a comfortable job in London to retrain as a winemaker. Fast forward 7 years and Jacob Leadley is the award-winning winemaker for the very successful Hattingley Valley. Over dinner with friends and family a couple of years ago, talk turned to the idea of creating small production sparkling wine from locally sourced grapes – Black Chalk was born! Since then, it has become the family’s passion and we are all extremely proud of it.

Black Chalk is a wine proud of its English heritage, with roots firmly planted in the chalklands of southern England. We use the traditional method to create Black Chalk, using the tried and tested grape varieties of Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier.

Black Chalk was used by the old masters to sketch ideas onto canvas before painstakingly creating a masterpiece. At Black Chalk Wines, we hand select the very best locally grown grapes before beautifully crafting each wine, they are not rushed but allowed time to age in order to produce English sparkling wine that stands out from the crowd.

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