Our Chef Patron

Herbert Berger

Portsmouth Seafood Festival is deeply honoured to have Herbert as its first Chef Patron and his support and endorsement is gratefully welcome. Herbert has worked in some of the prestigious Restaurants in the World and his experience will be a tremendous source of inspiration to chefs and foodies alike. His own passion for Seafood is but icing on the cake for the Portsmouth Seafood Festival and for those associated with it

“Cooking is like love, it should be entered into in abundance, or not at all.” – Herbert

Born in Austria, growing up on a small farm in a mountain village surrounded by fields, forests, rivers and lakes gave him his first inspiration and interest in good food. Everything was home produced or gathered from the wild and tasted full of natural flavours. At a very early age he started to cook with his parents, both wonderful home cooks, and at the age of nine his decision to become a chef was made.

He trained at the Grand Hotel Zell and See and catering college Salzburg. Followed by five years in some of Switzerland’s finest hotels before moving to England, working at the Connaught Hotel, Claridges, Head Chef at the Mirabelle and Executive Chef at the Cafe Royal.

Stages in France included world famous establishments like Robuchon, Maxims, The Ritz, The Bristol and Troigros. Herbert received his first Michelin star at the Connoisseur, followed by a star for the Grill Room at the Café Royal.

In 1998 he became Chef Partner at 1 Lombard Street which became the favorite city destination for fine food, again rewarded with a Michelin star for the restaurant.

He has received many accolades and awards; “Mention d’honneur Prix Pierre Taittinger” – “Maitrisse Escoffier” – “Cordon Rouge, Association Culinaire de France” and has been the subject of many reviews, features, media appearances including Master Chef and radio. He is a member of many professional organisations including the Academy of Culinary Arts and the Reunion des Gastronomes.

He works closely with schools and professional bodies to promote and educate young chefs and believes in staying in the kitchen to look after his guests.

In 2012 he formed Berger Restaurants Ltd and took over the exclusive catering contract to Innholders Hall opening the doors to the public and positioning this unique Livery hall as the destination for fine food in the square mile of London. Herbert is also a Director Partner of www.catchfabulousfishcakes.co.uk who join our Seafood Line up at Portsmouth Seafood Festival 2018.

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